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Vincent Gachaga was born in 1959, in France.

He started at the age of 20 in the field of communication, and worked in various related professions until 2005.


From that date, he decided to give free rein to his overflowing creativity and dedicated himself to the painting.

Self-taught, he currently lives in the Rhône Alpes region. First attracted by art brut, the work of Vincent Gachaga was very quickly influenced by the Pop Art movement and New Realism. The artists Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol particularly appeal to him.

Vincent Gachaga's achievements are resolutely urban. He likes to represent the city (especially the megalopolis) and uses digital techniques in particular. He reworks his photos through collages, overlays, paint (acrylic, watercolor, felt, resin ...) but also materials such as aluminum, zinc or wood that he collects everywhere. Vincent Gachaga is interested in urban visuals that no one else photographs and that he calls "photo waste", surely a way of returning to the art brut of his beginnings.

Banksy - Vincent Gachaga
Gainsbourg no limit - Vincent Gachaga
Vincent Gachaga - Kate Moss
Bowie by Vincent gachaga
Cha for ever - Vincent Gachaga
Wall sculpture by Vincent Gachaga @ Calçada Cem gallery
Wall sculpture by Vincent Gachaga
Warhol vs Samo by Vincent Gachaga
Steeve mac Queen - Vincent Gachaga
Wall sculpture by Vincent Gachaga
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