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Is a visual artist from Cáceres, city of Extremadura in spain.

She was born in 1983.

She grew up in spain and began painting at very early age.

When Ana was a teenager, she enrolled the school Escuela da arte de merida and developed her love of drawing. 

Her work can be found in public and private art collections in spain., Italy, France or Australia.   She won many painting awards and is considered since 2015 as part of the most representative woman of Extremadura.

In 2005, Ana moved to Lanzarote, a volcanic Island where she stayed for 8 years. She worked as a theater scenographer on a big scale surfaces and also as a drawing & freehand illustration teacher.

Her artwork vary from micro painting to large format murals with a variety of brillant colors portraits and landscapes.

her style is largely influenced by classical realism and hyperrealism with inroads into surrealism style.

In 2013, Ana got into a wonderful world of tatoo and began her first tatoo apprenticing in Sidney, Australia. in the tatoo world, Ana Anita la sainte ) is famous for her meticulous personal attention and her sens of details. 

Every design is unique and will never be tattoed twice.

Ana is reconized for her acute perception of the beauty and talent to reflect emotions. 

Ana Belem Lopez
Ana Belem Lopez
Ana Belem Lopez
Ana Belem Lopez
Ana Belem Lopez
Ana Belem Lopez
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