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Cathie Berthon- Calçada cem Gallery


Born in 1968 in Marseille, Cathie is a self-taught artist.

After an engineering degree and a career as an IT project manager for 12 years, she devoted herself to painting from 2005.

She works on portraits as well in painting as in digigraphic techniques. Her works are based on compositions of patiently collected elements, old photos, wallpapers or old fabrics. her creations thus have a retro and very contemporary spirit at the same time.

She uses a wood support for the vintage look, which she enhances with circles of used paint, her signature, as well as collages and fabrics.

An epoxy resin covers everything and gives a precious and contemporary aspect to each work.

100x100-Urban - Cathie Berthon
Pin up by Cathie Berthon
Basquiat by Cathie Berthon 80 x 80 cm
Cathie Berthon
50x50-rose . Cathie Berthon
Bardot by Cathie Berthon
Le clan des siciliens - Cathie Berthon
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